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 EA Reconsiders Overtime Position
Author: La_Maudite 
Date:   12-03-04 13:31
Ca fait un petit bout que je voulais poster la dessus. Le monde de l'informatique est tellement malade, et en voici un symptome:

Regardez-moi le nombre de replies: 3391!!!

Anyway, je ne sais pas si c'est un Hoax ou pas, mais il y un memo de EA qui se promene et qui a abouti sur /.

Lien vers le memo:

Si c'est vrai ce qui suit, c'est vraiment un crisse de cave le gars de HR de EA:
"We are looking at reclassifying some jobs to overtime eligible in the new Fiscal Year. We have resisted this in the past, not because we don‚??t want to pay overtime, but because we believe that the wage and hour laws have not kept pace with the kind of work done at technology companies, the kind of employees those companies attract and the kind of compensation packages their employees prefer. We consider our artists to be ‚??creative‚?Ě people and our engineers to be ‚??skilled‚?Ě professionals who relish flexibility but others use the outdated wage and hour laws to argue in favor of a workforce that is paid hourly like more traditional industries and conforming to set schedules. But we can‚??t wait for the legislative process to catch up so we‚??re forced to look at making some changes to exempt and non-exempt classifications beginning in April."

Ostie de moron (toujours en gardant en tete que c'est peut-etre un Hoax ;-)

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La_Maudite 12-03-04 13:31