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 Monitor: multiple OS (Linux and XP), calibration, sRGB, internal LUT
Author: La_Maudite 
Date:   11-28-07 07:39
Ha, double crap....

Crap 1: Mon Sony G500 m'a lache hier.
Crap 2: Je lis aujourd'hui que le moniteur que je considerais ne fait pas exactement ce que je pensais en sRGB.

Plutot que de reecrire le message que j'ai laisse sur , voici un lien suivi d'un cut-paste du texte:

"Hi all,

My Sony G500 CRT just died on me yesterday. I had seen it coming, so I did some research on LCD panels a few months ago.
I was considering the NEC LCD2690WUXi-SV for many reasons:
- 26"
- Wide gamut
- Internal 12 bits LUT
- Good color accuracy
- Came with the software and hardware to calibrate the monitor

At the time, I saw just one negative point that I could live with:
- Refresh rate a bit slow for video and gaming.

Now that my monitor has died, I decided to look for new reviews and check for prices and availability in Canada. I was surprised to find in this forum (Thanks to everyone who wrote on the subject BTW! :-) that the 2690 can't be calibrated in sRGB mode, only in Adobe RGB.... Say what?

Now, as others have mentioned in these threads, I don't understand why the LUT can't be used to calibrate the sRGB mode if one chooses to. But it looks like Adobe RGB is just the preferred mode and NEC decided not to provide the sRGB calibration for a reason that eludes me.

I'm glad I found out before buying, but that said I think I would have liked that monitor. Now, does it really matter that you can't calibrate in sRGB? It depends on what tools you're using. I mostly work in Linux, and as some of you might know, color management is abysmal, or should I say nonexistent in Linux. My goal of having a LUT stored internally was in part to be able to calibrate the monitor in XP and then use the calibrated monitor in Linux.

The other issue is that most applications are not color management aware in XP either. Of course, photoshop is, and some will say that Firefox 3.0 will also be ICC aware, but really, I think sRGB is he to stay. Don't get me wrong, having the possibility to use Adobe RGB is a good thing, but I think I would be using the sRGB mode most of the time.

So, here I am, looking for a monitor with an Internal LUT of more than 8bits that can be calibrated in sRGB mode. Is there such a thing?

I could of course buy a NEC LCD2690WUXi-SV anyway, and use it in sRGB for the time being, hoping for Linux to get up to speed with color management and Adobe RGB. My question then.... is the color accuracy good in sRGB? Having a 8bit LUT on the computer is out of the question for me."

Donc si vous avez des suggestions, s.v.p. repondre ici ou sur dpreview, a votre convenance.

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