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Author: La_Maudite (
Date:   05-26-02 17:55

The Horta ( wrote:
> It had been over a week since backflushed my Livia with anything
> but straight water--having run out of Urnex. I went to
> WWW.URNEX.COM of all places, considering they seem to have the
> BEST pricing on their own product (TWO 20-ounce containers for
> only $19.75) last Friday afternoon, and they arrived this morning
> via UPS. Great service!
> Anyway, I meticulously cleaned Livia, backflushed her repeatedly,
> removed the group screen and soaked all of her soakables in
> boiling water and Urnex. Later this afternoon, I rinsed
> everything, reassembled her screen, did a straight water flush to
> get any remnants of the chemical out, and pulled a seasoning
> shot.
> After an hour or so, I returned to a nicely heated Livia,
> performed the ritual preparations, and pulled a shot using
> Malabar Gold I had roasted last week.
> Perfection.
> No bones about it, it was a verifiable Gosh Shot. I always drink
> my first shot before I prepare a cappuchino or latte, and this
> was certainly no exception. It was so good, I attempted to pull
> another straight shot.
> Perfection.
> No bones about it, it was a(nother) verifiable Gosh Shot. Down
> the hatch she went.
> Time for a latte. I preheated one of the big mugs (bowls) I use
> specifically for lattes, prepped Livia, grind some MG, yada,
> yada. Having just retrieved a steaming pitcher from the freezer
> and poured roughly 16-ounces of cold whole milk into, I lock and
> load the PF and hit the brew switch. I pull two doubles for my
> lattes and steam during the second pull.
> A problem arises. Faced squarely by a twist of fate that could
> only be a cruel trick being played by the coffee gods, yet
> another Gosh Shot comes out, hanging heavily, thickly and darkly
> from the spouts.
> What to do? I've already had two. Do I consign this one to
> dilution in a frothy white hell?
> Blasphemy! Heresy!
> Down the hatch.
> Hit the Mazzer. Grind some more. Prep Livia. Frost on milk
> pitcher gone. Better steam that milk soon. Repeat earlier steps.
> Damn! Shake fist at gods.
> Down the hatch.
> Four picture perfect, better-than-great-sex Ristrettos in under
> 10 minutes. What's a man to do?
> Dump milk into kitty bowl. That white stuff has endless uses.
> Gosh Shots do not.

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