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Author: La_Maudite (
Date:   05-26-02 17:03

notbob ( wrote:
> Illy believed the reduced thickness at the center of the puck, caused by
> the convex tamper, provided reduced path resistance at the center at the
> expense of the thicker edges. Just an FYI.

Lin O'Driscoll (Lin.O' wrote:
> ....which could lead to overextraction in the center of the puck and
> underextraction around the edges.

John Miller ( wrote:
> In deference to Schomer's theory about the convex tamper providing a better
> pack around the edges, [SNIP]

Simpson ( wrote:
> The idea behind the convex tamper was to flow the coffee mass out towards
> the edge of the puck ensuring a good seal at the edges, I think.

Jack Denver ( wrote:
> Personally, I doubt that it makes any difference.

Shahrdad ( wrote:
> Go to the Espresso Vivace website and search in the archives. There are
> several articles on Tamper shapes by Shomer. In some, in argues for flat,
> and then later changes his mind and argues for a curved tamper. They're
> interesting reading, but might ultimately be as relevant as how many angels
> can dance on a pinhead.
> Here's the link to the archives.

Don Task ( wrote:
> I now have one curved and one flat. The curve is "very"
> slight... (very close to flat) In addition to the "seal the edges"
> theory of using a curved tamper... the indentation caused by the curve
> of the Ergo also allows "just enough" clearance in the center of the
> puck so the shower head screw doesn't touch the puck. Just FYI: I
> never use the flat piston anymore. In reality I could never really
> tell a difference in the shots from a "taste" perspective however I
> did find that I got more consistent shots with the curved piston than
> I did with the flat one (Ergo or RB)

Andy Schecter ( wrote:
> What you said above exactly mirrors my experience with the RB and Ergo
> tampers.
> If you want a tamper to USE, buy the Ergo Tamper.

Andy Schecter ( wrote:
> I like to tap. :-)
> After I tamp, I give the portafilter a quick run through an old airport x-ray
> machine I got on ebay. If I have any channelling, it shows up clearly on the
> display screen. Then I know I have to retamp.
> The x-ray machine works OK, but it's rather old, and I don't think the
> previous owner (Kabul airport) ever did much maintenance. Does anyone know
> what product I should use for descaling it? Also, has anyone ever done a PID
> mod on an x-ray machine?

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