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Author: La_Maudite (
Date:   05-24-02 08:49

Alan ( wrote:
> I've got a Pav JDL from, good grind, burrs and
> motor, bad plastics and about 5gm of coffee left in the chute. I
> don't think I'd buy the same one again, would probably go for a Rocky
> from recommendations here.

Roger Barrett ( wrote:
> La Pavoni Zip is a prrvate-labeled Ervino Bregant. These are excellent
> pieces of equipment. Doser is very satisfying to use. Installed scores of
> these in commercial settings and they were reliable, trouble-free. Also
> excellent parts availability. La Pavoni home grinders are Anfim and there are
> better choices at that price point.

Ed Needham ( wrote:
> I'm not sure which La Pavoni grinders you are referring to as having 'poor
> reliability', but the one I have is built like a tank and would probably
> withstand a nuclear blast (well not the plastic hopper <grin>).

The Horta ( wrote:
> I have a La Pavoni "PA-BURR". It's a complete piece of JUNK, but
> what else would you expect from a $45 flat burr grinder. It works
> satisfactorily as a dedicated press pot grinder, but is simply
> NOT capable of producing a grind fine enough for ANY espresso
> machine. It definately does NOT produce a consistent grind, but
> sometimes you have to settle for something less than optimal.

JR ( wrote:
> I have two of their consumer models: the Pavoni PGC and the Pavoni
> Jolly JDR. Both are good grinders and both have their positive and
> negative points. Either one will produce an excellent espresso grind
> for my Nuova Simonelli Oscar.

JR ( wrote:
> PGC: This grinder uses the same burr set as the Innova, Ibertel,
> Isomac, etc. conical grinders.

JR ( wrote:
> Jolly: This is a "semi-commercial" unit with 50mm flat burrs and a
> heavy duty motor. It weighs about four times the weight of the PGC.
> Does a very nice job of grinding.

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