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Author: La_Maudite (
Date:   05-24-02 07:34

RoxieL ( wrote:
> The main reason I began home roasting is to have fresh beans.

RoxieL ( wrote:
> One reason I continue to roast is variety.
> Used to be that a large variety of coffee beans in the
> groceries here meant hazelnut, morning blend, vanilla, almond, etc.
> At least now, you see Sumatra, Ethiopian, etc. However, you cannot
> select Sumtra full city roast.

Ken Mary ( wrote:
> There is a lot of art in roasting, and the familiarity with your
> equipment and the bean plays a big part. You never stop learning and
> the coffee gets better and better.

The Horta ( wrote:
> 1) Absolute, insured freshness! While I'm sure Armeno and others
> properly represent their claims of shipping the day of roast, how
> can you prove it? There's always that doubt, even if it's slight,
> that they could be "stretching" the truth.

The Horta ( wrote:
> 2) Variety. You can roast up whatever you're in the mood for and
> tinker with your own blends. You can also roast to your specific
> tastes instead of settling for what the commercial roastmaster
> thinks is appropriate or to his liking.

The Horta ( wrote:
> 4) Price. [SNIP] If you average one pound or more per
> week you could potentially "save" upwards of $500 per year. If
> you do this in your spare time and average 30 minutes per week
> roasting you're probably looking at "making" $15-$20 per hour on
> your hobby.

The Horta ( wrote:
> The "resting time" is a hotly debated topic. To me, it's probably
> blend/origin dependent.

HV (
> I think the main point, which in a way is implicit in all the previous
> is:
> 5) Fun.
> Home roasting is fun, that is, *if* you are culinary inclined.

Ivo van der Putten ( wrote:
> Major reason to home roast seems to be: freshness, use of preferred beans,
> fun . .

notbob ( wrote:
> If no other reason, VARIETY! Sweet Maria's has almost 50 choices of
> regular coffee and a dozen of decaf. Add the range of roast to each
> bean and you have a range of selection no commercial roaster can
> provide. As much as I love coffee, I cannot drink the same bean/blend
> for long. After a couple of weeks the flavor of one blend becomes
> monotonous and boringly familiar. I need a change to shock my palate.
> I never suffer this problem with a few green beans and a roaster.

Gary S ( wrote:
> I'm having a great time trying new coffees and mixing and matching
> roast levels, all while enjoying better coffee than I ever had before
> seeing that home roasting light.

Al Raden ( wrote:
> I roast my own coffee for the same reason I make my own pasta, for the
> same reason I commute to work by bike, for the same reason I sail rather
> than power - because it's fun. I get a great deal of satisfaction from
> doing things the hard way.

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