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Author: La_Maudite (
Date:   05-23-02 22:18

Roger Barrett ( wrote:
> Plumbed-in rotary machine should have a pressure regulator. If mains
> pressure is extremely high (over 8 bar) it is sometimes necessary to fit
> two regulators in tandem. Manufacturers of commercial equipment recommend
> an incoming pressure to the machine of something in the range of 3 to 4
> bar. Excessive mains pressure can blast the autofill circuit and in some
> extreme cases even the pressostat.

Sergio ( wrote:
> I bought a Mininova with a rotary pump.
> > If I put my foot down and go with a procon, do I still need to install
> > a pressure regulator?
> I've plumbed it without any additonal accesory except for a water
> softener in the line.
> > What will I GAIN by spending +$400 more just for the procon?
> I asked the same question. I was, then, invited by the WEGA rep. to do
> a blind test. Believe it or no... There was a clear difference!
> More than that, the consistency of the shots was noticeable with the
> procon.
> If you expect to get a "quiet" machine... the Mininova is as noisy as
> the Silvia.

Sergio ( wrote:
> > What do you mean by it would be as noisy as a Silvia???
> I mean that the MiniNova is not as quiet as I expected. Nothing
> serious however. Don't worry!
> >if I got the Wega rotary, should I not want
> > to hook up a regulator?
> I plumbed it without any accesory except for the water softener.
> (15 months with great results!)
> >
> > Next question...What do you mean by a water softener?
> The water in my area is particularly hard.
> I've gotten (free of charge with the Mininova purchase) one like the
> showed in
> I add 1Kg of coarse salt every two weeks.
> > Weber procon, plumbed-in, regulated and filtered w\ a rotary...
> Good Luck! (you won't regreat!)

Barry Jarrett ( wrote:
> i recommend flexible braided stainless steel hose instead of plastic
> tubing.

Barry Jarrett ( wrote:
> if you are having to plumb that distance <10-15 feet>, i'd suggest using copper
> tubing for most of it, with ss braid for the final few feet.
> you'll probably be OK with the plastic tubing, but do consider that
> intermittant pressurization is different than constant pressurization,
> and i've never been fond of hose clamps in situations where soldered
> or threaded connections could be had.

Barry Jarrett ( wrote:
> no problem that i can see. when i put in my first softener & filter
> (our old store had originally been set up without either), i passed
> the copper tubing through a wall to another room where i had the space
> (barely) for the softener/filter, and then back through the wall to
> the espresso machine. the water doesn't know or care which rooms it
> visits before entering your machine. ;)

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