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Author: La_Maudite (
Date:   05-27-02 15:45

Randy G. ( wrote:
> Most folks around here seem to agree that using concentrated citric
> acid is best for espresso machine boiler cleaning.
> IMO, the best cure is prevention and the use of water with low or no
> mineral content would be (and is) my personal choice.

Rob ( wrote:
> If you are serious about preventing buildup of scale in your boiler,
> prevent it with a water softener. Rancilio specifically makes an
> inline water softener for Silvia that you place in the water tank
> hooked up to the intake hose (costs about $19). I can't figure out why
> more of you alties out there don't use this or talk about it.

Randy G. ( wrote:
> I chose to not use one (although I have one) because it adds sodium
> to the water (as I understand it) and there is no accurate way to know
> when it stops working. The breakdown of the plastic pellets in the
> filters can cause additional problems as well (theoretically). My
> water also has a lot of particulate matter so the filter would
> probably clog in a short time as well. It is far easier to just
> purchase water for me. As time goes on you get more efficient in your
> water usage, and at $.25 a gallon it's cheap insurance for the
> boiler's life expectancy. Just my $.02.

colin newell ( wrote:
> From what I have heard from tech reps at Rancilio and
> Gaggia, putting Vinegar into any espresso machine is
> a bad idea...
> They believe, it is not so hard on the boiler, but the rest
> of the internal plumbing.
> Me: I use Clear-Caf by Urnex, which I believe is an alkaline

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